Reviews for "Jug punch"

haha that shit is hilarious!

didn't think it'd be that wacked, but somehow I busted up laughing hahahahahaa


I dont see why this was protected... it wasnt entertaining/fun/anything!
Just click the boobs a few times and then REPLAY?
There was no humour in this at all, it just wasn't funny.

Dude, this was hilarious

I watched this probably 10 times in a row, one after another. I don't know why, this cracked me up so bad. I just saw your other movie that you just submitted, so I decided to check this one out as well, hoping it had as good of animation as the other one. I don't know why this one got Turd Of The Week, this is a lot better than some of the other things that I have seen. I didn't read the Staff Commentary yet, I'm assuming that someone thought this was stolen. Hah, great job on this.

Note: You should try and make something a bit longer, with as good of animation that you do.

*bables* What the f--?!!

That has to be the nuttiest...bla...gurrble shlamploo!!! My brain just shrunk.

now that wasn't right

oook so it made me giggle for 1 sec.. thats all kind of pointless this is...anyways...