Reviews for "Jug punch"


your basic turd of the week and the newgrounds staff commentary just made me dislike it more i'm not bashing the movies but i cant say i found it to have anything going for it either i like most wacky humor movies but this isnt one of em


Ng could have picked a better cartoon to make their point, it wasn't funny. It wasn't even stupid funny, it's just pointless. If punching breasts is the kind of thing you find humorous then go ahead and laugh. I'm not saying I want it blammed; just dont assume that I have no sense of humor because I didnt find this funny. There were plenty other cartoons to pick from, why this one???

cornbeef responds:

u got me buddy

Sense of Humor?

If there are people don't like it, they don't like it. There's no need to tirade about it, and degrade other people about their "terrible sense of humor"

I, in particular, saw nothing to laugh about. I am not the person to see opinion as fact (especially my own), but I could easily see that very little effort was put into making this.


That actually sucked a lot, it should have stayed in the grveyard, im not suprised it got blammed.


Well first of all, it wasnt funny, rather stupid. Second of all, thats womenizing. Third of all what if you were a women that watched this flash, hmm dout you would be to found of it now would you? I was looking though your reviews, I notcied that you used this dumbshit insult more than once "did you buy that chair wiht a dildo in it", be origanal man and at least if your going to use an insult, dont use it twice. Any ways I know your going to write back with some wise ass coment, cus your just the kinda jerk that would do that. Oh and newgroudnds staff, thats real fucked up protecting sorry shit like this, DO YOU NOT HAVE GF's are WIFES, are do you sit around all day beating off the bull shit like this?!?!?! I have much respect for wemon and this is just a bunch of bull shit,although the animation was good and fast, you could of made sumthing better! lata, and try to put your skill into sumthing better, cus you have potental.

cornbeef responds:

well now.. u r right. im gonna respod to this. I appreciate u saying i have potential. a simple case of hypocrisy buddy, u saying "do u not have GF's or wifes, DO YOU NOT HAVE GF's are WIFES, are do you sit around all day beating off the bull shit like this?!?!?! " after going over all my reviews? that just shows what kinda stuff u put your time to. im not bashing u either but also saying "im gonna respond to this being the jerk that i am" sounds like a sad desperate cry for attention. im sorry but hypocrisy is something im not to fond of