Reviews for "Jug punch"


ok by no means was this flash good but im giving it all 10's and voting 5 because of 1 guy. i was reading through all the reviews and it seemed as if ppl thought the fulps were protecting it because they loved it to death. Im voting this way just to spite you bastards. Anyway keep up the good work.

cornbeef responds:

TY and godspeed!

Great job

I don't care what people say, this kicked ass. This similar to the product of sitting in class, bored out of your mind, and doodling something completely obscure with no relevance to anything, and then someone else sees it and laughs out loud. And then the teacher hears the laugh, and gets angry. And beats the student. And locks him/her in The Box. No daddy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to drop my plate! I'll clean it up! Stop hitting me!!!!!!!!! err .. . anyway, good job. I'm glad it's protected. It was shit like this that got me coming to Newgrounds 4 years ago in the first place.

Lets take a punch at the author j/k

Ehhh it was goodly drawn and all. Although I dont have the right "sense of humour for this" lil kids might find this funny. It was short and a lil wacky but this isn't anything ot be blammed liek all of those crappy stick movies that 10 yer olds make. I take a frickan stand for this movie. BUt if its what the people want then its what the people get. They should make the descision whether it should be blammed or not. I liked it though I havn't seen anything like it. I would like to take a punch at those jugs my self.

gave me a grin

but the reasons that its being protected are shameful...if the people dont like it, it can die...If Tom wants it protected, then why not just say he likes it, instead of obligating the rest of the users to adjust their tastes to match his...

cornbeef responds:

i dont know man. i just dont know. im glad it made u grin tho :)


it made me giggle...thats all that counts