Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"


This one was really good. Seems a bit different than the rest, and longer too. I recomend it.

...That was awesome.

You just might be the best writer on Newgrounds. Can I compare you to Tarantino?


AlantheBOX responds:

i'm not a big tarantino fan, so no! you may not! hahaha! ha!

ha! no! ha!


You really got something man.
That made me feel funny.



There was not 1 minute when I wasn't laughing. This is the absolute best in the series so far. There are still problems with lip-synching but it doesn't matter because that guy screaming on the phone was absolutely hilarious! You should do a series about that guy! Y'know, for giggles.

you are an awesome writer!

this is so far the best of your flash movies that i have seen!