Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"


Absolute brilliance. The artwork may seem a little simple to some, but I draw myself (as well as making Flash movies) so I can see the skill that goes into this -- it's really nice. And far more importantly, consider Gary Larson or Scott Adams; they're not master artists... But the style of their artwork perfectly matches their jokes -- their stories.

And that's the stuff that really does it here -- the STORY. It's utterly awesome. Fantastic job.

Alan Strikes Back

After a hiatus of not doing movies, I feel that Alan has pulled through with another thought-provoker like episodes 7 and 11. Alan, you rock my socks.


This is GOOD. This looks like somethin that should be on Comedy Central or somethin. This is good. You should make a long one like 20 minutes long, lol. Great job on this.

superbly written

i believe you wrote somewhere that your intention in this black and white theater series was to develop your writing skills. well i must say if thats so, right here is proof that you reached that goal and then some. this is one of the most interesting, amusing, fascinating, human, well-written pieces of flash ive seen in a long time. this is not the first time ive watched it, but it hasnt lost any interest from me, and it really maintains the artistic sheen it had the first time. amazing job.

I watched this ages ago, still makes me laugh on the inside.