Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

Exscuse me while I whipe the tears from my eyes...

How do movies like this fall through the cracks while crap like "Links Quest for Ass" share a spot in the top 50. I've been a fan of this series since I spotted one of your episodes a couple months back and it's easily still my favourite. I'll rarely laugh at anything on newgrounds but your stuff always has me howling. You have a unique way of creating comedy topped off with the amazing voice acting that makes it shine. Well done on another fucking halarious and well scripted episode.

I like!

Very interesting. It's not often I see a movie on here that actually makes me think. It's very beautiful, and says a lot about people.

You get my first 5 and 10 in a long time - well done.


I think this is by far the best of your work. i'm speechless...you're just...amazing..all your work is unique, and different. i haven't mentionned this in previous reviews but i reallly like the fact that you use a different preloader for each movies. its like a trademark of yours along with boycotting things. I think that this movie had some hilarious parts. the faux-dramatic edge of it is quite enteratining. i really hope that the 13th episode isn't your last.

drama at its finest

best one yet

what the hell?

that was funny but made no sense. :D