Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"


Absolute brilliance. The artwork may seem a little simple to some, but I draw myself (as well as making Flash movies) so I can see the skill that goes into this -- it's really nice. And far more importantly, consider Gary Larson or Scott Adams; they're not master artists... But the style of their artwork perfectly matches their jokes -- their stories.

And that's the stuff that really does it here -- the STORY. It's utterly awesome. Fantastic job.


this is one of the best works i have seen in a long time, and not just on NG. i mean one of the best, period. it's well paced and is very well written. it has excellent commentary on work, ecology, childhood, road-rage, man's inhumanity to man - deep and subtle sorrows, yet really fuggin' funny. the "dumb name" comment was hilarious! thank you for sharing this film.

Great work!

good storey that went beyond the typical ng plot line.

It made me sad.

This movie, I'm fucking serious, makes me wanna cry. It wasn't necesarrily 'funny,' per say, but it did touch me.

I watched this ages ago, still makes me laugh on the inside.