Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

Viva le Alan!

- Clever (but not over intellectual!) mix of wacky humor and strange malancholy
- Simple graphics that couldn't have fitted better
- Excellent voice acting
- Surprising conclusion
- Microwave brother!
All of this, to paraphrase David Firth, made me feel nice inside. Thank you very much. Troubles with communication have never been more entertaining!

So beautiful..

I love this, this is one of my favourite flash from you. The story in this one is so great and the voiceacting is so great (as always with you) that this really has some feelings with it, it really made me sad at the end, don't really know why, maybe it was the music. The graphics were great, they were simple, but you took everything out of them still. What was that music at the end? By the way thanks for helping me out with flash at the AIM, you really inspired me to do something, it would be nice to talk with you again some time. Keep up the great work.


I loved this one. It had a awesome script, and wasn't preachy or stupid. Well done.

Just felt great watching

Great script in this one, i really like this animation. the animation is quality! keep it up

just want to say

i voted 5 on all of these, (only not on number 9, i even put 2 in my favorites!) keep making them! you are so good with flash, you should be on tv!