Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"


Pure flash genius; it really was a brilliant flash. The graphics were actually very cool, and although it wasn't really funny in some parts, in other parts it was. It was a good length and the ending was hilaious. ("Dad was a stupid name for a dog anyway." lol.) The sound was great nad it was overall a great flash.

~ Z

Fucking Beautiful

I love you man. This shit is WIZARD.


I love the way you write these things. You are very talented, but the problem is the art. Some scenes are good, but some other scenes are prominently lacking. Just keep the quality going smooth the whole way, and it'll be a lot better.

This isn't really about the art though, it's about the writing. You get a 9


This was great

This had it all. It was funny and it made u think especially at the end it was great i love all your work

Well Peiced Together

I really loved the way you set this up. From the preloader to the introduction with the traffic reporter, all along to the end, every little step in the road of this animation connected very well. Not to mention the humor; I found it funny as hell.