Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"


Amazing stuff..... it shows that you are very talented.. I can see alot of skill and currage was put in to this movie..

I would love to see more of your art work. becoz it is worth my time.

Check out my cartoons. I would love to see a review from a person with you skills :)

Keep up the great work

That was your best one yet!

I really loved that one. Everyone's raging anger and their connections through the phone system was done beautifully.

You've now out done B&W Drama Theater #5 and gone on my best author list. I'm proud of you, hehe. =)

True to life

I think that this almost captured the flavor of many of our own thoughts sometimes. The feel like you want to snap under the pressure. I can tell you put a lot of time into thsi and the animations were excellent. The only flaws that I could see was the dialog seemed to lack some smoothness and the drama scenes went overboard occasionally, other than that I liked it and would tell my friends to check it out. Good work.


well what can i say -- its quality entertainment -- to bad he didnt just kill the guy.. o well --- mmm didnt find nutin really wrong with it - just a real good entertaining flash movie -- good job on it man -- expecting to see more outa you like this.