Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

very good!

Finally another B&W Drama theatre! That shit was funny as hell. keep it up!


I laughed my ass off. The voice acting is great, you actually have a sense of comedic timing. Very funny. Reminded me of a Wes Anderson movie in some way. The art fit the subject matter perfectly. Well done, I will be sure to check out the other episodes.


Very original graphics style and plot! You're good Alan =) Animation is not bad too. Great job.


Absolute brilliance. The artwork may seem a little simple to some, but I draw myself (as well as making Flash movies) so I can see the skill that goes into this -- it's really nice. And far more importantly, consider Gary Larson or Scott Adams; they're not master artists... But the style of their artwork perfectly matches their jokes -- their stories.

And that's the stuff that really does it here -- the STORY. It's utterly awesome. Fantastic job.

You're so funny it's soooooo incredible

This is so twisted it could only be made by a mastermind. Or a crazy SOB I'm not really sure