Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"


You really got something man.
That made me feel funny.


...That was awesome.

You just might be the best writer on Newgrounds. Can I compare you to Tarantino?


AlantheBOX responds:

i'm not a big tarantino fan, so no! you may not! hahaha! ha!

ha! no! ha!

You know what?

It’s strange. These are probably the best movies on Newgrounds and they get very little recognition.

The writing in this episode was simply amazing. I’d have to say this is my favorite one of them all.

A comedy, a drama, heck a work of art all it one.


This is GOOD. This looks like somethin that should be on Comedy Central or somethin. This is good. You should make a long one like 20 minutes long, lol. Great job on this.

again, you're awesome

before I commented on the school play one, but I take it back, this one is the best one that I've seen you do. It's amazing. Have you ever written a full script or story before, because it'd be awesome to read it if it exists. I can see the drama and the freaking awesome comedy is mixed so perfectly. Pretty much all of the b&w's are awesome, and I hope you make a lot more. (If you do have a script email it to me or something, pennybear0@aol.com) You rule.