Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

I like!

Very interesting. It's not often I see a movie on here that actually makes me think. It's very beautiful, and says a lot about people.

You get my first 5 and 10 in a long time - well done.


That was absolutely beautiful.

I loved it.

It truly was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

This needs to be on TV

This episode was top notch, hilarious. The best one of the bunch.


this is one of the best works i have seen in a long time, and not just on NG. i mean one of the best, period. it's well paced and is very well written. it has excellent commentary on work, ecology, childhood, road-rage, man's inhumanity to man - deep and subtle sorrows, yet really fuggin' funny. the "dumb name" comment was hilarious! thank you for sharing this film.


Hey, man! This is great! I've just now looked at these. These don't really belong on newgrounds, you'll get very little credit, seeing as it's Black and White, and not sticks dying, or Kobe raping someone, and it requires a thought process.
Really good stuff! The humor, art, progression, voice acting.. It's all really cool. I like. Your music is also cool