Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"


It was ok. Nothing special really. I mean it was good, but I think your other movies are better. The dad who had the screaming teenager was scary...


This episode definately defines the title of the series. It has humor and emotion both good and bad. Bravo. Very nice job!

By far the best.

I'm reviewing this after watching all thirteen episodes. This is my favourite of them all... possibly the most dark and yet the most rewarding at the end. I liked (almost) everything in the series, but this one takes the cake. It has it all: a nicely styled graphical package, excellent sound, violence (something dies, right? That's violence right there for ya), interactivity (well... if you consider reading/pushing one button interactivity)and gobs of sad humour. I gave it a ten; the French judge gave it a six but we all know she's biased.

Fantastic work, I must say

This was the greatest cartoon I've seen all week! your B&W theatre series conveys the eccentric foibles of human emotions and patterns.
It isn't often that cartoons in this witty genre ever make it big on newgrounds, it's really something.


Great insight on life! Great, dare I say, drama!!! Great 'Obi-Wan Kenobi'! Teach me the ways of 'B&W Drama theater'!!!! puh-puh-please!!!