Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

Not bad

I just saw #13, and while this is good I didn't think it was as good as that one. I found the story to still be very good, but it dragged on for a while and I was put off by the poor lipsynching and large gaps in speech. Graphics are still great, it's a very nice style which works well. You're right, this one DOES need a good attention span.

Holy Shit...

This is the funniest damn thing I've ever seen! It's like the new generation of Monty Python! The story takes different directions but still pulls itself together into the same story in the end! It's excellent! The whole damn series is excellent! People like you need thier own show! Just stay away from the FOX network, they don't know what the hell their doing!

Another excellent work

As I said in #13, I would watch your other works. And this is great! Wonder how I missed such a brilliant series :)


I think this is by far the best of your work. i'm speechless...you're just...amazing..all your work is unique, and different. i haven't mentionned this in previous reviews but i reallly like the fact that you use a different preloader for each movies. its like a trademark of yours along with boycotting things. I think that this movie had some hilarious parts. the faux-dramatic edge of it is quite enteratining. i really hope that the 13th episode isn't your last.


To start, that was a great idea for a preloader, having several still drawings to occupy my mindset during the downloading time. Also, I like your "B&W logo" and how you boycott things, it looks cool. Now, on to the movie. Nice idea for an inner monolouge of a character, I liked the shaky feel that you gave the other vehicles. Nice, dramatic (!) story. Nice different style of graphics, no one else has your type of charfacters. I like the bodies of the characters. Nice additions of your pictures into th emovie, at certain tyimes of the movie. Good work, each one gets better and better, great work. "It must of been the peanut butter."