Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

Great! I love this series man!

I love the B&W Drama Series man, great going and this was a great episode. But I noticed somthing, on your list of things to boycott you put to boycot "The Swiss" and below that: "any media which negativly portrays any race, gender, society or subculture". Seems quite contradictory to me, quite contradictory indeed......*looks around* What the hell are you people staring at?!?! Stop staring at me! I'm not Crazy!! Your the ones who are crazy! Don't make me send my hordes of squirrel soldier at you!! I will I tell you! I Wil....*faints*

AlantheBOX responds:

my boycott lists are jokes (to some extent) and should not be taken seriously. and 'boycott the swiss' is something countless people have asked me about... there's an interesting story behind it, but in short, boycott the swiss represents (for me) pure, unfiltered ridiculousness. it kind of became my slogan a couple of years ago.

this is beautiful

quite frankly it is, i just sat back and smiled when this was over, i really enjoyed it, might be one of those weird things that catches your eye for no particular reason, but im glad it did, its a real shame youre discontinuing this alan, seeing 13, and now going back and seeing this, i realize i took this series for granted, it is really great, youve just got me in a good mood, i like that, best of luck in the future


That was just great. I especially liked the psycological aspect of the movie with Bobby and the main character.


Thats My Name!


This shit is totally genius...this is the best B&W drama theater ever...its way better than #13...GREAT JOB!