Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"


There was not 1 minute when I wasn't laughing. This is the absolute best in the series so far. There are still problems with lip-synching but it doesn't matter because that guy screaming on the phone was absolutely hilarious! You should do a series about that guy! Y'know, for giggles.

so good

all ur works r very good ! continue like this u'll go far far far away !


i guess most people on here have a short attention span
i personally appreciated a longer version of your work
this had a great twist ;)

Not your best

I think more than "a bit" of attention span is in order... For some reason it's going really slowly and the mouths aren't matching up and whatnot on my machine, might just be me, but it's taking a LONG ASS time. I didn't have the patience to finish the movie... I got to the part where the microwave boy dings and then quit... Still kinda good though. I guess. I dunno.

This one is pretty versatile

You can watch it like a movie, and you can just minimize the thing and just listen to the sounds and it would still be good.