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Reviews for "EW, IT'S LOOKING AT ME"

Damn it nuclearmime now i want a commission done by this artist its really good. Also this reminds me of South Park

100% Fat Chips, Sheesh

soooo CUUUTE

Are actual goths a thing or did they just get generally absorbed into wider nerd culture with a few going full emo? Like I know Aurellio Voltaire still uploads videos with gothic homemaking but like... are there still goth kids? Teens? Or are the folks blasting The Cure, reading The Crow, and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas even when it's not Halloween all in their early to mid thirties by now?

What has become of the goth girls?

VonGrimsworth responds:

I've eaten them all to become stronger.

i really love the darkness and the red looks great. nice touch with the goth chips lol