Reviews for "Brain Stew Acapella cover"


Haha, great variation!

Haha, alright.

Not really sure how to review this. I guess the singing is pretty good. You probably had fun doing it, so that's good. It's a cover of a song I haven't heard, and it's acapella, so I guess that accounts for the fact that it's a bit repetitive and annoying.

Sorry for the really lame review.

haha, OMG

You are such a dork. haha. I only say that with the best intent. Why? I did the same sort of thing once...haha..but blamed a "hard drive" crash on losing it. I am also a dork. But you will NEVER hear mine! hahaha.
Awesome man, can't help but 10 and 5. WOO.
Do you do requests? :P

Current Score

3.26 / 5.00 (+ 0.23)

Haha. Awesome.

It is nice you should be categorized as voice acting, by the way one of my favorites.
Basically what the guy below me said.

His spanish is spelled weird so i can't really tell to much.

But anyway I thought it was cool. Nice job dude.

InsaneSmilie responds:

Thanks for the translation, I should really master it cause it sound kinda amature (probably explains the bad score). It really was was just for fun, thanks for the review though.

um... que es agradable

um... que es agradable esto se debe categorizar como voz que actĂșa, por la manera mis favoritos.

InsaneSmilie responds:

um, ok, can't understand what you saying but thanks i guess.