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Reviews for "Cutest hedgehog around"

So cute! <3

guao hermano *0* F

for some reason the shading and color choice reminds me of early pc-engine games
and that's incredible

IrisOfTheRepliforce responds:

:o oh wow, I like that comparison

Looks great! Like the subtle shading on the edges. I really need to see the movie already...

IrisOfTheRepliforce responds:

Thank you very much ^_^ I actually have a few versions of this image, each with different colours and shading, I ultimately decided this was the cleanest looking one of the bunch. One of which was shaded so much to the point where I thought the details just totally looked weird ^.^; LMAO I think this one will do for now.

As a Sonic fan to another, I think you should go and see the movie ^.^ you will like it, I bet. If you dont, thats very okay too, most Sonic fans ive spoken too also love it, it isnt perfect but it is a great movie. It is also great for people who dont even know a lot about sonic; everyone can have fun, not just the fans. When I went to go and see the movie with my boyfriend when it came out on valentines day, we noticed half of the audience in the theater was kids and the other half were young adults, similar to Sonic's fanbase. I was heart warmed, those kids were about my age when I first started playing Sonic, hopefully they liked the movie as much as I did and I hope they enjoy the games too