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Reviews for "Mechanical Hazard"

Awesome dude!

This is great! Hey, I might use this as a theme song for a character of mine, I'll credit and try to contact you, of course.

Anyways, keep up the good work!


Okay, so running the risk of just sounding like an idiot fanboy here, but this is epic! I listened to this last of all, and I prefer this the most out of your songs, mate.

Love the drums! Lovely sound coming from the snare and bass, the guitar is left alone at just the right times too...

Make more like this? :)

good but .....

basically the same notes



- You are inSANE!!! I love this one too! I have got say you do awesome with that guitar thing! Very cool! No wonder this song have 6,000+ listens.

- Awesome job!!!

Yet another gem!

Interesting how your first song seems to be the best out of all three! I'd probably comment on what I like, but it seems to be the same as with your previous song.

What I really, really liked about this one in particular - the guitar solos. I think it's pretty cool to just cut off the music for a second and leave just one instrument with occassional beat. I'd love to hear that again in some of your next songs.