Reviews for "KR- Metallic Madness Past"


Ah, I remember this song. I still have my CD for that game, of course it was the Sega CD version. This level gave me problems as a kid. Wasn't there a part where you shrunk or grew, I can't remember. I do remember those damn buzz-saw guys though. So any chance of another awesome Sonic CD remix?

knuxrouge responds:

I have Wacky Workbench and I'll be submitting Stardust Speedway soon.
Thanks for your review and yes, I do remember the buzz-saws.

ah, my fav level and time

nothing more to be said

knuxrouge responds:



A smooth classical track, reminds me of Castlevania, heh. Don't thinjk I've heard the original version of this, but either way, it sounds great. Good rythem and a great combination of different instruments too, love it, keep up the great work!


knuxrouge responds:

Thanks, this song is a remix of a rare, but popular Sonic game. Not alot of people (who aren't too familiar with old school Sonic) are aware of Sonic CD, but those who do love the game, myself included. There are 2 more Sonic CD remixes that I plan to make. Stay tuned for those as well.


It's great, maybe a bit too repetitive, but good otherwise.

I haven't really heard the original, but it sounds good. =3

knuxrouge responds:

Not alot of people have played Sonic CD. So the music is very esoteric.
Thanks for your review, I'm glad you liked it.

We need more SONIC CD's real music! Japanese ver

The piano was too loud though, good try anyways!

knuxrouge responds:

Again, never heard the japanese version.