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Reviews for "Psybot - One last time"


deffinatly liked it. but i would have loved it to be abit longer. maybe some higher piched screeches to it if you know what i mean. but without i still got into the feeling. this is one of those style of songs i don't usually get into but you've got my attnetion and i'm deffiatly gonna look more into anything else you've submited. yeah 3rd time around!!!!!

Psybot responds:

Cool. i'd like it to be longer too, i'll see what i can do about it. ^^

thx for your review!


holy .......!

this piece is very well put other together. the song is very smooth especially the transitions. the vocals add a great dimension to the song. check out my songs if u have the time. peace.

Psybot responds:

Thx for your review.

i'm gonna check out your songs =)



sounds great, nothing much else to say, but
10/10 5/5 fav


It's a good one!! I like it!! XD I was nodding to it a bit, I think you did GOOD! XD

10 out of 10 " You got me nodding! XD I wonder if you can get me dancing? lol "

Psybot responds:

Hm... if you would have told me what was missing for you to get dancing i might have been able to do that =P hehe.

Thx for your review =)