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Reviews for "Road Trip"

Holy shit. ♥

Ah, a connecting rod failure... Those are never fun. I see that the car has steel wheels, since there are no pools of aluminum where wheels used to be. I never noticed how closely high-pressure sodium lights match the colour of flames, lol. Would be interesting to see what a version with LED street lights would look like with a "cool"/"warm" lighting contrast/juxtaposition/whatever you call it.

Awesome! I commented on Instagram on my phone earlier, but it's super cool to see it in a higher resolution on my computer, where things such as shading and smaller details are far more apparent. As I said, the coloring and contrast is ON POINT! I absolutely love the darker purple shading in the street. The fire loop is seamless and nicely animated, as is the fire within the vehicle. The shading on the trees, streetlight and curb is impeccable down to every last pixel. The subtle stars in the night sky are also a great touch!

moertel responds:

Thanks so much for your feedback! Much appreciated (and I knew the name sounded familiar).

Always good stuff from you. Props.

The heat feels real in this one, though the warm colours are comforting too.