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Reviews for "Dreaming of You <(^^,)>"

awesome music man

This is THE most epic song please make a song with a similar intro if you did I didn't check yet... I'll check soon. (

liar you didnt make this song look up on you tube sp1r1t and it says he made the song and i was listening to it before i came here so go ahead and lie some more. batch!!!

first song

The first song on NG that i fell in love with. you are the MUSIC artist that inspired me to join up. (SickDeathFiend was the ART artist that inspired me) i wish this song was a ringtone. or is it? hmmm.....

I ran out of Reviews

This is really good. I love the beat and it keeps me pumped. It's like a big dance party in my ears because I'm wearing earphones!