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Reviews for "Dreaming of You <(^^,)>"

Sounds goodman

Also, I ran out of dudes.

how doe it feel

to start a great fad on youtube :D and also a meme sorta


I used to love eurodance + Basshunter some time ago. I don't really listen to it a lot anymore, but your song's awesome! I Created an account here just to praise you ^^,

Everything about this song is great, I love the bass, the buildup, everything! Keep up the good job!

<(O_O)>woah awesomeness

This is the greatest thign ive ever heard on newgrounds ever...


I heard this song off of a fad on youtube (by MatrixMariox to be exact), and instantly loved the song. I heard it was on newgrounds, and so I give it a 5/5, 10 stars, and a favorite! It's that awesome.