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Reviews for "Castlevania"

great I want more

That was brilliant. The megaman coming out of nowhere and then getting knocked off ruled. I want to see more of this. You guys get a 5.

Really good

this is really good u should make it continue or i will kill u in ur sleep!! just kidding it was great! lol

Really nice but a bit too short...

Hey! VEry original idea to make 8-bit Simon team up with 16-bit Simon and their voice and accent were just great! And the graphics were very good (it wasn't some messed-up sprites). As a CastleVania fan, I am satisfied on that point!

But my only problem with it is that it ended WAY too soon. It would've been nice to see them at least do the whole level or something. ^w^;

Tommy-M-Gun responds:

I am also a Castlevania fan. Well once an idea pops in my mind for a sequel. I will definately try it. Thank you for your review.

Von Don Gurdie

This does not suck. You got some story going on here, wonder what will happen next.

Tommy-M-Gun responds:

Well I just might work on a sequel. You never know. Thanks for pointing out that it didn't suck. And thank you for your review.


Dont even bother with this pile. The voicing is teribal just click back dont even bother!