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Reviews for "Castlevania"

HAHa megaman

That was very funny megaman on a bike and they played T2 music hehe. This went to geither very well except you should make it a little faster and use your own animation I'm sure you can draw very good.

pretty funny movie

End was the funnies thing when that bat hit megaman

not bad

the sound was well done. too bad you can't write a script for shit. that was pretty stupid and boring. it seems you're on the right track, but that was just lame. why build up something just to piss it away?

It just ended suddenly!

I though the movies would continue after the megaman sequence but it just ended. Should of been longer.


It was good in the point of animathion, you animate it well, but it was as little short and a little "empity", try harder next time, you can do it!