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Reviews for "Castlevania"


Aw, shoot. What an funny opening and progression. I was really disappointed that it ended at the Megaman X gag, I was really expecting for the flick to continue along. Good work putting the animation of the bridge together. Great voice work!

((( HEH )))

Well notbad, not a fan of sprites but i fan of cv and this was funny, kinda makes me want to be sprite fan heheh nice job, get mega man outa there he is gonna mess the movie up, anyways nice work, maybe work on the audio just abit...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Castle vania maybe one of the best ever...



Very funny, stuff, please continue the quest!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... nicely done. liked the ending

Other than the voices...

...it was really good. What I mean by "the voices" are the hushed screams. Pull away from the mic a bit and let one go! Other than that, it was very good. -s-