Reviews for "SMRPG-forest maze(boss remix)"

Many Varieties

Nice song.This music is great because it mixes techno,rock and other music types.Nice work.

OMG im fighting geno!

lol, nice job on making a forest maze track!
o, btw, OMG im fightin Geno, IM GONNA DIE! :

Geno:Geno Whirl!
Geno:timed hit biach!
Me:Oh sh- *dies by 9999 points of damage*
lol, 10/10!

By far the best Geno/Forest Remix I've heard

Summary says it all.Not a lot of good ones.Listen to mine if you want to :(


I can envision myself fighting a boss in a Megaman game with this theme in the background. 8D

YOU. ARE. TEH FO SHO BOI!! (That's good.)

I love the way you remixed it, the way you placed the cord-and-kick sounds make it sound like a real boss battle. :D


Losta sounds losta music you make are Great