Reviews for "SMRPG-forest maze(boss remix)"


This should be one the themes in Sonic or Mario games!

This remix takes a whole new approach to the song

Now THIS is the definition of a remix. It keeps the notes and beat on track and still manages a kickass remix. I LOVE GENO WOOT!

Nice but...

As Rock1Golem said, it doesn't fit. It would fit if it was heavier, but I don't agree with it being slower. A nice heavy song at this pace would be prefect for geno. Very nice though

It's good but doesn't fit

This doesn't seem to fit genos fighting style, his moves are charged power moves that descend from the heavens, this would fit mario better than geno because it's so fast.You'd need a somewhat heavier slower song for geno.You guys feel me don't you?I could imagine geno fighting to this, but only just barely.

P.S. I would apprecaite a response.

ShadowBowserTrx responds:

Sorry for the late reply..
So, who said that this song should fit on Geno's fighting style?
Just imagine a secret Boss or something in the woods and the forest maze song changes to this.

I never thought it could be changed like that...

You were somehow able to take an epic BGM and turn it to an even more epic Boss Battle Music. It's undeniably epic!