Reviews for "SMRPG-forest maze(boss remix)"

Nice music dude!!!

I just couldn't stop listening to it. I'm going to give you a very high score. (Not sure if it's correct) Either 5 on faces and 10 on stars. I'd like to ask, what did you use to make this track?

-_- broring

Well the this music don,t tell nothing for me

Very Good!!!

Not bad dude, I herd that somone took this song from you, fuck them!

this is kickass


almost perfect. i'm not sure if its just me but the last 3 beats at the very end sound kinda... misplaced. idk it just doesn't fit to me. but other than that its PERFECT :D

Too Epic to be critiqued!

When I listened to it loop the first time I jumped *wtf!?!* and then realized that that was the actual song, so I payed more attention the next time around... awesomesauce