Reviews for "SMRPG-forest maze(boss remix)"


Nice contrast throughout the piece. Thumbs up!


I didn't think this theme could be remixed for a boss and it actually work, but you seem to have proved me wrong here today. Very nice remix.

J00 get a five, and 10/10.

ShadowBowserTrx responds:

Eee..you gave me 9/10 xD


ur slackin of the road your friking kewl how the games called


Great remix man! Brings back old memories. Keep it up.


Just recently I have gotten back into writing reviews, and this song deserves one. #1 excellent game selection # 2 excellent remix. This will be number one in a matter of a few days. First 4 votes voted 5/5 including me. I am a dm and I am going to actually use this in my campaing as a boss battle. I hope you don't mind. I would use it in flash but I don't have it and I can't draw =P. Plus as a bonus your song loops so it is perfect for my uses. Thanks and keep up the great work, if you ever need another idea for a song just send me a pm.

ShadowBowserTrx responds:

Thx and sure you/everybody can use it. Just give some credit :)