Reviews for "SMRPG-forest maze(boss remix)"

one of SM RPG's best songs.

and you turned it into this. A rather great work! its almost a rockin' version of the original.. hell it IS a rockin' version of the original! The only thing i don't like is the abrupt ending. A fade out could easily fix that.. None the less great work!


ShadowBowserTrx responds:

It is ending abrupt, because it should loop. (So it can be used for flashmovies or whatever) I could upload it again with an fade out ending...
but thx for the review!

this has made my life a little better..

I love this song...lets see THIS on sc guitar maniac dx 2!!!! ^_^


awsome this is a cool
remix ^_^


This is the song SMRPG is famous for.


This is an awesome idea for Forest Maze, ufortunately it's too short, else I'd you a 5 and a 10.