Reviews for "February Song cover"


Hey man with all those great songs and your amazing voice, do you have any CD's?
If not you should really make one. If yes, where can i buy it.

Jazza responds:

i'm recording an album and it will be out before april.
keep going to jazzastudios.com, thats where i'll sell it. no doubt i'll post about it here too


I love this cover. Again... I'm not a big fan of the strings in this song... but man, you hit those high notes very well. You get off pitch a bit sometimes when you come back down, but man, you can really sing.


This touches me in such a way, and makes me thing about everything important to me in my life. My family, my friends...

To make a note of it, I'm a total Heavy Metal-head, but I enjoy excellent piano music.

You, I know, will be famous one day.


this is your singing,Jazza?isnt it?

Never heard of Josh Groban

But I still like this, even if it is a cover. Nice voice, btw..