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Reviews for "February Song cover"


keep playn the piano, keep singing, i honestly can't get enough of this stuff...

your in my top 5 artists (not just newgrounds, EVERYTHING)....

as krinkles would say.. MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!!

Jazza responds:

wow, top 5, thank you!
and yeah dont worry, recording will always be a hobby... unless i lose my hand... that would SUCK

then i would be totally useless... lawl

Simply amazing

I loved this song so much when I first saw the guy sing it on a special called Live From Abbey Road where he, some other guy and The Good The Bad & The Queen were playing as well. I keep forgetting to download this song. You did a good cover.

Jazza responds:

thank you heaps. yeah Josh is the MAN. i saw him live, he's BETTER live! lol

wow...you never stop do you?

Being awesome that is? You know what? You kind of sound like Josh Groban, sort of, in your owe way... I don't know, but you should keep singing because your awesome! ...uh...woot! ^-^

Jazza responds:

baha thankx heaps, i'm so glad you like the music


It was good, it was like your last song mad world.
The pianoplaying was great, your voice is great as well, the rest was awesome as well, keep it up.

Jazza responds:

thanx dude.... why does ppls thinks its like mad world? lol!


Sounds great, a bit like Mad World. Great pianoplay, great melody, and a clear sound quality too. The vocals are great as well, you have a great voice too. Keep it going!


Jazza responds:

thanx bro :D