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Reviews for "February Song cover"

While I do like it,

Despite my general dis taste for Groban, I don't think its classical, nice though.

Hey man this is touching...

It really is. :). But you know somthing, this song kinda reminds me of .R.E.M. of maby something else. But your really unique so please keep this up please.


This touches me in such a way, and makes me thing about everything important to me in my life. My family, my friends...

To make a note of it, I'm a total Heavy Metal-head, but I enjoy excellent piano music.

You, I know, will be famous one day.

The Memories That We See

I see my friends in the past. All of them who were there for me. Not only my closest and dearest friends, but the friends who pulled me up when I was down and were there to fight by my side and fight for me when I needed them.

You have the voice to spread the winds and pierce the hearts and minds of many. You making a duo with hania or even Milkman-Dan would make Newgrounds less of what it was made by spammers.


I love this cover. Again... I'm not a big fan of the strings in this song... but man, you hit those high notes very well. You get off pitch a bit sometimes when you come back down, but man, you can really sing.