Reviews for "~I Want My Life Back~ -hania"

Good song but hard to hear some words

You do great work but at times in multiple songs you are a bit quiet. You just need to add a little volume to your voice and all your pieces will be completely perfect. Still a great song with both good music and lyrics

good job. ^_^

Another good song, you really put your soul into this one. Keep it up can't wait for your next one. ^_^

Still Lovin Yah

Love the song again and again, just the lyrics are a bit soft-spoken in this one, especially at the beginning, other than that, i love it =]

oh em gee!

Your amazingness just doesn't stop!!! You have a really beautiful voice and the song is sooooo gorgeous. I love it!!! Fantastic job, Hania-chan!! *heart*

Full of heart

Great song, you put so much emotion it reachs anyone who listens to it!
it's so hard to transmit such feelings, but you do it great with your playing and voice.
I love it, it's a masterpiece.