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Reviews for "KKfOS vs AotKT"

Tomatoes! Tomatoes!

Not only is this a "killer" match-up, but this would be for a good flash, too.


this gets me ready for the new twisted metal

Cataclysmic CLASH!!

Now that puts the B and Movie in Movie Battle!!


Now thats a movie id love to see!!"

Oh man! I love those two movies!

They were both two of the most underrated horror spoofs of the 1980's. Both had a catchy theme song each, and both are as ridiculous as it gets.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes spoofs bad horror films and the "Attack of the..." tropes by making itself out to be the worst horror movie ever. They do every trick in the book (Putting a giant prop tomato on a not-so-hidden wheelie cart, don't bother to give the tomatoes "mouths" but just use real tomatoes, choopy stop motion, etc.) One of my favorite bits were the "specialist team." There was this black disguise artist who dresses up as Adolf Hitler yet manages to fool an WWII vet. The disguise artist dresses up as tomato and convinces other tomatoes that he is a tomato just like them and that "He is just wearing the decapitated head and severed limbs of a black victim." Great stuff.

Killer Klowns is another classic. I don't know why it has 4.0/10 on IMDB, it's just too entertaining and self aware for that treatment. Basically it's about these clown-like aliens that invade a small town and the young teens that fight back. It's better than it sounds. The aliens kill people with comical clown items (Lazor guns that turn people into cotton candy, boxing gloves that will "knock your block off," shadow puppetry, and even acid pies!) I don't wanna spoil it for anyone but their weak spot is their nose.