Reviews for "-SUTEREO-"

love the style

but i'm afraid some of the appeal is lost in by not using the composition to its limit .
the backgrounds are amazingly detailed , but there stealing the show frow the characters a little , and their desing being cool even if akira feels a little too 'safe' (nothing that realy stands out on her, except for headphones ) but their poses are a little too dull ( positive critism here still love it overal >_<) as far as poses and interaction bewteen these master /servant characters i'd recomend some of the artworks on the shin megami persona video game series or jojo's bizzare adventure manga , these realy manage to bring out a kind of tension bewteen the two , while any relation not between akira and 7 not detailed in your comments is abscent in the drawing itself . also the use of the cd as 'weapon' could have been highlighted through more clever use of composition thinking pokeballs here a little , still overal great potential and yes if this wasn't ficional it would rock the dojin market dojin dojinshi whatever the spelling was . i hope to see some more of your stuff on the ng art portal , keep in mind composition !!


Well, I'd read it, that's for sure.