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Reviews for "Alone"

This a sequel?

Is this like when she get home from that coconut bowl and reaches land?

You can tell she just doesn't care that she has just given up on everything.The destroyed tree and building shows that it has been kind of a dump.The trash make it look more like a dump.The apple and book in the water made it like a polluted kind of place.This place is terrible and she just wants a change

i favorited this one to and added you in to my favortie artist

[Review Request Club]

Merol responds:

It's not a sequel, but still, it's kind of related to the coconut picture.

Yes, it would be terrible to be alone in a place like that!!

(Also THANKS again for adding this picture to your favorites, and for adding me too!!!!!!!)

Such carelessness.

Not as good as the other piece I reviewed, but still really a great drawing.

Your style is rather simple, and somewhat unoriginal. You don't add much to it, but what you lack in style you make up for in... well, I couldn't say surreal for this picture, but it's a woman in a towel dropping a book in a rive with floating apples and a cut-down tree in the back. There's just so much to look at.

But I still think it looks somewhat simple, especially the character, the woman. It might just be my taste, but I'd rather see something out of the ordinary that isn't really too good, than something that looks rather good but isn't too original.

Review Request Club

Merol responds:

Yeah, I know the picture is pretty simple, also I think that the ground could be much better, I mean, it looks too flat.



I'm not sure what this picture is trying to tell, but a picture speaks a thousand words, and I believe it speaks different words to everyone, just like a poem. I'll tell you what it speaks to me.

This woman is a nature lover who is sick of the world around her. Sick of urbanization, I presume, from the cut-down trees and lack of natural attributes in the vicinity. She's tired of trees being cut down and plants being perished, the world losing its greens and gaining grays. Her lack of fancy or flamboyant clothes also hints to her lack of urbanization.

She is alone because there is nobody to side with her in her fascination of nature, all her friends (if she had any to start with) and family members succumbed to the magic of urbanization. She may be dropping her book (a book about nature, it seems) because she's giving up on life, the falling of book foreshadowing her fate. The fact that she's standing near the water, and the water being a typical choice for suicide also hints to her suicidal thoughts. The apple swimming in the water might represent nature, swimming slowly away from the city and into a sea, only to sink deep down and get lost in there forever.

There really doesn't seem to be anything to improve here, though I can't help but notice that the apple doesn't sink in the water. There don't seem to be any trees around, so the picture can't be the moment of the apple making contact with the water. If it isn't a fallacy, I think I can see why: some parts of the nature always stay with the world. They don't sink. The firm tree in the background might also support this hypothesis.

Moving away from the story, everything about this picture is just excellent. The lines are decent, the colors are brightening, the shadowing is suitable, etc etc.

Keep up the good work, I really liked this. It deserves a nice place in my "favorite art" list.

10 out of 10, 5 out of 5. Good job.

~Review Request Club

Merol responds:

Well, it's very interesting how you created a whole story just from a little picture. You're right when you say that it speaks different words to everyone, since it tells something mostly different for me, but I won't tell you what because your history is just too great!!!

About the book, maybe it's a book about nature, maybe not, I'll just tell you that the picture is kind of related to some more of my draws, and I won't tell you anything else because i'm curious about what they will speak to you (if you see them).

And, at the risk of screw up the magic, I'm pretty sure that apples float on the water, so, I see no reason for it to sink deep down.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! and congratulations because I think you have lots of imagination. (Also, it's AWESOME that you added this in your favorites)

Don't you do it!

Don't you dare drop that book! D:<


Oh, the humanity! Don't take out your suffering on the poor, defenseless book, you monster. How could you? T.T

Merol responds:

The bastard deserved it, trust me.

Very nice

awesome draw!
Forget about: godzilla1999. He's probably dumb -.-
keep on it!

Merol responds:

haha, THANKS A LOT!!!