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Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"

Burst me bag-pipes!

Hahahahahahaha!! lol.

"What would George Lucas do...?"

That was a good one.

Quackaroonie unca scrooge.

Yet another great flash by a great artist. You have made my favorite lis like 7 times now. Hold on my sides are hurting from laughing so hard (pant pant pant pant). Ok I think you should make more Ducktales movies. Well anyways. DO IT. p.s. I've now reviewed all your movies.Hoping you can fix this problem by making more. DO IT!!!!!

Dwinking pot is bad for you!

*In an effort to review all the flash that have stuck out in my head for the past year...*

Thank God for the Random Flash Portal Entry button. That's how I discovered this gem of a flash movie, "Ducktales: The Auditions". I swear, I must've been on the floor laughing when I saw this for the first time - words cannot express the outright hilarity of this animation. The auditions were funny enough, but THEN to take it to the next level where Scrooge gets an Academy? Ha ha ha! And Julia Roberts as a firebreathing dragon always does the trick.

But I digress. Great visuals, nice choice of music, EXCELLENT choice of cameos, terrific voice acting, and impeccable timing on the humour - from start to finish, this was an enjoyable, quotable laughfest. I honestly think you are the best (Canadian) flash artist on Newgrounds - keep up the awesome work. :)

P.S. Living in Canada, I understood the Juicy Fruit joke. Sweet...!

Oh no, its Michael Jackson!

All auditions were funny, I just like the ending where that kid is running from Michael Jackson with a spiderman mask, good stuff XD

That was

Very funny i liked it all does randum people for the part was funny. LOL