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Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"

short but sweet

the summary title covers all i have to say.

A pleasant follow-up to your first movie

Better humor, better contrast in animation between the ducks and everything not of Duckberg. When going back and watching this the second time (I've seen it before) I noticed that Michael Jackson and Julia Roberts were referenced here, and thus again in your later movies; great way to build upon a series!

Another good one

Ive just about seen all your ducktales works and all are awesome no matter what order you watch them in.


Just awesome!

Burst me bagpipes!

Yeah, I know I got wrong the phrase in the past review, but consider that most of the episodes I saw were in spanish and just a few in english I havent saw in a while! I really must find the videos in english...

But this movie was just so very VERY funny! I couldn't help but laughing at MJ appareance! As both for the remiders of my childhood and as a very funny movie, this will go directly to my favorites!

Everyday they are out there making Ducktales, ooo...