Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"


Alright, anyone who owns the soundtrack from Transformers: The Movie deserves a damn 5, cartoon quality notwithstanding. This was cool. I think there's someone on NG who decides to go to any marginally popular flash work and accuses the author of ripping off The Family Guy.

very funny!!!

that was very entertaining and funny!! How did te author put pictures of real people into the submission?? They do the same thing on southpark.

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

4 Easy steps!

1. Find a JPG or GIF of a real person.
2. Go to File - Import
3. Import the picture.
4. Add Scrooge to it.

LoL!! Good stuff!

That was just too funny!! I laughed from the start till the end. I loved the pictures of scrooge with the stars. And this flash was incredibly better than (no offense) your "Ducktales : special edition", which reminded me of the childish
"lol the guy farted man aint that funny" movies I often blam...

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

Ah, but so many people fail to see the symbolism of each fart joke. Each one is unique and relevant in it's own way. The first one is the set-up - a metaphor for the rest of the cartoon. The second one is deceptive in which Scrooge believes he is called over for something important only to receive gas in his face - the incentive to win. The third one takes place just before the climax - powerful enough to shake the tank. And the final fart, much like the first, sums up the whole film in general just before the credits and blows away a cow as well.

Before I made the "Special Edition" though, I actually made Ducktales on KNP with optional fart jokes. I was going to do that on Flash, but I couldn't figure out the programming.

ha ha ha!

please make some more.


^_^HAHHHHAAHAAAA! This is actually better then the first one! MAKE MORE! The more Ducktales the better! I want to see Flintheart again!! "One day I'll be the rrrichest Scroogie!" Thank you for this refreshing fun piece Laddy buck!