Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"


I was loving every moment of that. The michal jaxon part was hilarious. You should make a sequal when they cast the kids. You could have like the jaxon 5 or random child stars (michal jaxon, lol)

Damn nice Par

hahhaha pleas do more spoff's like this.
damn i loved ducktales when i was young and now i love the ducktales par even more :)

It's one of those movies you watch once

The second time it's not funny at all.

Much Better

This was much better then the first one of ducktales. It was really funny. The ending stunk, but the credits made up for it. Good job!

Good laugh

Ok. Pretty funny, I liked duey and the others saying Unca Scrooge. Was your Bill Cosby reference based on the one form Family Guy?? I think it is.

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

No - just the William Schatner reference. I'm a big Bill Cosby fan, so any similarities on that one were inevitable.