Reviews for "all yor base r blong 2 us"

What the fucking hell?!

I hate inside jokes, and there's no way that this should be any where near the top 50. I watched this damn movie 3 times hoping that I would like it, but it never even made me smile. I understand that this is a parody of an old game that wasn't translated into english very well, but come on, this is just plain retarded, and the guy who submitted it didn't even make the damn thing.

It was okay....

I thought this was alright. Could have been a little more entertaining.

Wow, way to take credit for other people's work!

"The images were made by members of a Starseige Tribes forum" LIE. Such lies. How pitiful that you capitalized on not only someone else's excellent song, but worse, someone else's images. The images came from the Somethingawful forums. The original thread had all of them and the phenomenon began there. Not that it matters... but don't lie, ok?

not really that funny

I suppose a lot of people really like this or think its funny or cool, I'm simply not one of those people.

Very well done

so thats name of the game that started it, i remember playing that on next doors sega, by was that shit. very well done nad extremly informative i give it a 2 out of 10 (which in my book is "super cool"