Reviews for "all yor base r blong 2 us"

I love that game, i still play it everyday

this is something to be remembered...
soon it will be true, and all our base are belong to them.

we can only wait, and make our time...

hoppfully we will not have been set up the bomb.

only time can tell, only time can tell...

This was..... different....

I've been seeing all of these parodies pop up all over the place, but had never watched the original. Its started off extremly funny, I was laughing out loud, for the first minute or so... but then it just kept on going...
Interesting concept to say the least.
Not bad.


i think you need to do a little more than a bunch of pictures that say the same thing over and over again. it got reall boring watching it so i shut it off before it ended. then watched again to see if it would be better and it doesn't even have an ending. look, get a plot. it helps.

i dont like trance

yes i dont like trance : /(

My first bad reveiw

What the F*** is this?... seriously! Every single one is the same. I only liked the one about sonic because well... I like sonic, but this is awfull. How about something new instead of microsoft sam repedively saying "all your bass belong to us" over and over again. Plaese just do something else, take afew lessions from Mathrix or something... jeez!

J.s' personal rating... 8
J.s productions rating... 2