Reviews for "all yor base r blong 2 us"


i remeber a while back i had no idea what the all your base thing was. but now i know and im am sooooooooooooo loving it. i got the jingle thing stuck in my head and im sooooooo happy!!!!!
now they should make an all your monkey or somthing. (}(*_*){)!!!

AYB forever!

I love this. Thank you! I look forward to any future AYBs of this quality!


I still love this. This is a great piece of work. good job.

This is amazing

Truley the greatest thing ever to appear on newgrounds.
Also i was looking through the old reviews and this guy said:
It's sad how pathetic this generation is to think something so stupid is cool.
That guy should be shot, they have no taste!

All my review is blong to us.

Just plain awesome, it goes down in online history as being the best of the best.
All my base are belong to it.