Reviews for "all yor base r blong 2 us"

Really good video.

If aliens attack us maybe there will be mysterious signs and that sort of stuff you showed evrywhere. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.
Anyway good graphics and really catchy tune.

7 words:

All your base are belong to us!


this hing is the best movie i keep watching it an now i got the song stuk in my hed!

Base base base base base base base base base base.

I remember this movie when it was in it's prime, unlike most people,
I never get easily bored of things, this movie remains a classic in my
eyes. You know I'm surprised no invading nation has used this phrase,
It would be quite intimidating, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!!

Teh answer to all

All your base-your base, base, base, all your base are belong to us!!!1! I've seen this so many times, on TV, other websites, etc. I've never taken thought to actually review it. 1337 job, all your talent are belong to NG, submit more!