Reviews for "all yor base r blong 2 us"

StarSiege Tribes RIP. Good times were had, the mods and maps were the best. Nothing has come close to the glory that this one game had. ShazBot! Hurry up with that station!

Salute 5/5 until the end of time. All your votes are belong to us!

As for the clueless, there was a hack gun for the engineers(mods), you could take over the players base turrets, vehicle pad, stations, radar, ammo stations and the generators/solar panels, and all their base belong to us! Same could be said when one side would place turrets on the other sides base and completely own the other side. Ditto on tele pads to capture flags, don't get me started on laser turrets and auto placement bots. T2 sucked, T3 blew hard RIP StarSiege Tribes.


Amazing. Only one submission by this person and it's a video that took the internet by storm and changed the way we internet now.

Even over a decade later it's as good as it was back then.
On a side note- it's strange watching an internet meme video that is older than my little sister; a twelve year old.

loved this, cant get it oput of my head